Saturday, February 1, 2014

Squirrel Caught... and released!

So this is Burrel the Squirrel. We caught him about a week and a half ago now. He was none too happy with me when I evicted him from the house. I doubt he's happy now, because we have more snow than we did when he got evicted and he doesn't have the "warm" confines of the chimney anymore to keep him cozy. He also lost his steady supply of nuts. Ah well. Thanks for the memories Burrel!

Monday, January 20, 2014

There's squirrels in my... chimney!

So we've had a visitor from the trees in our chimney for over a week now. We've been feeding the little darling, who we've named Burrel, watering him, and keeping the cat and dog away from the fireplace. We've tried a homemade trap and we've now set a live bait trap. I'm hoping the little darling finds his way into the trap soon, because I'm running out of pecans and cashews to feed him. Frankly I think we've made it too cozy. Ah well. Perhaps if I blasted the "squirrels in my pants" song, he'd get sick of it and come out. Perhaps that will be our next try. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did I forget something??

Oh, cheese and crackers! I forgot in all the chaos of the last 4 years that we had a blog! My bad.

There is too much to catch you up on, because 4 years of experience cannot be documented in a blog post, but I can tell you we've had quite the experiences. From Jenny getting a new job to Jenny going into "early retirement"; Kaylee starting Young 5's to Kaylee getting into 1st grade and playing soccer; and Tim leaving one job, going to another, and then going back to old job; we've had quite the time. 

In there we've had a few notable moments : Birthdays, deaths, triumphs, not so triumphant moments, vacations, pets, and a ton of other things that have shaped us and given us immense joy and immense sorrow. A few I can easily name:

  • Getting a new dog - Muggs
  • Starting school: Jenny, Kaylee, and Tim (at different times of course)
  • Starting and leaving jobs
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Kaylee playing soccer
  • Jenny's mom's cancer diagnosis (2010 and again in 2013)
  • Our beloved cat Tinkerbelle's death
  • Loved ones passing
  • More loved ones entering the world
  • Family vacations to Cedar Point
And that's just a few. I won't bore you with details of our antics, but know we've been busy. Now that I (Jenny) am home full time, I can start remembering that I have a blog again and you'll hear from us more often. 

Wilber the Party Pig