Friday, December 25, 2009

One of those posts only a parent can appreciate...

Kaylee has not been pooping regularly lately. About two weeks ago she started holding it in, complaining that her "poopoo hurt". After a week we figured we should do something about it, and I went to the drug store to get some "medicine to put in her bottom" (as we described it to her). While I was gone, Jen convinced Kaylee that her belly was getting bigger and that it would explode if she didn't get the poo out. I guess Kaylee darted to the bathroom and, after much screaming, went.

We wound up back in the same situation about 5 days later, but had to use the suppositories. Kaylee's reaction after they kicked in was priceless (she almost blew herself off the toilet), and she was in much better spirits afterward. We had to do it all over again a few days later.

I did some reading and learned that it's not an uncommon problem--you have that one painful poop and the kid gets scared of it in the future. A lot of people suggested Miralax--a powdered laxative that helps soften everything up. We went with that. We hit the road to visit friends and family (maybe laxatives before road trips aren't a good idea, but it worked out in the end...ha, punny) and Kaylee started complaining about her poopoo hurting while we were at Aunt Lisa's house. Jen and I both sat with her, and finally she went...and went, and went. Jen had to clean their toilet afterward. And Kaylee pretty much has eaten non-stop ever since.

Aunt Pam helped her go a little on Tuesday morning, but she's still been noticeably scared. Today I got her up and on the potty, and she was happy to sit there because it postponed her nap. And she filled up the toilet again. But this time, she told me "I'm not scared of my poopoo anymore!" I was so proud I had to resist getting the camera to take pictures of her evacuation.

Maybe we're past this little phase finally...