Thursday, February 26, 2009

A HUG too!

I've been sick for a week now and so I got up late yesterday morning. That being the case and with Kaylee going to visit Nana for a few days I wanted to be able to kiss her goodbye before I left for work, so I went in to her room to see her. Unfortunately she wanted up! Tim was not done getting ready for work yet and I figured I was already going in late... and I did tell Susan (my boss) 7:30, so I would be able to make that easily if I got Kaylee up for Tim...

So, I got Kaylee up and dressed, did her hair, and got her breakfast. Later I told Tim if I had to do it every morning I'd have to quit my job because there is no way I would be able to leave that face every morning! Anyway, so we got ready for work and "school" and Tim came downstairs and we were all milling around doing our own thing.

I got all of my stuff together and then went to get my coat. Kaylee saw this and said expectantly, "Coat!" We explained that she had to wait for daddy and that mama had to go to work alone. She and daddy would go to school later. She seemed okay with this after the explanation. So I got my coat on and went over to her, bent down, gave her a hug and kiss, and then picked up my stuff to head out the door.

I made it half way across the kitchen when I was pulled to a screeching halt by two very small strong hands grabbing onto my coat, at either hip. Kaylee had pulled me to a stop. Kaylee then yelled something. I didn't quite understand, so I asked her to repeat what she had said.

She said, "Daddy, kiss!" As she said all of this, her little hands and body was turning mine back toward where Tim was standing in the kitchen. She was now pushing me. I now understood. She wanted me to give Tim a kiss goodbye. I asked her, "I need to give Daddy a kiss?" She said, "Yes." So I gave Tim a kiss goodbye and started to turn away. I thought it was the end of that.

All of a sudden I hear, "HUG!" It was said in a very exasperated and very loud voice. She was telling me like I was a child that didn't understand how this worked. "Geese Mom, don't you know by now you give a kiss AND a hug!" I could just see this in her mind working.

I began to laugh. Tim had a smile on his face. I said to her, "I have to hug Daddy, too?" She gave me a very exasperated "yes." So I hugged Tim and without prompting this time, Tim said "I love you" to me and I was finally ready to go. I bent back down kissed her again, told her that I loved her, and headed out the door.

As my car pulled out of the driveway, I saw a two heads in the front window and a small arm waving. It reminded me that morning what I was going to work for, that I am loved, and that I have the sweetest family in the world. Yeah, it would definitely be hard leaving that little face every morning. I don't know how Tim does it, but I'm glad he does.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Evildoers, beware!

Every night we pray with Kaylee before we put her to bed. The past few nights she has wanted to pray for people, so we walk her through it. Tonight, we talked her through "Dear God, bless Nany, bless Ethey (cousin Ethan)" and then she took over with "bless Katie and Bubby"

"And bless Batman."

I wouldn't want to be a criminal on the streets of Gotham City tonight; the Dark Knight has the Big Guy on his side. :)