Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recipe for making Grandma jealous

Take two grandchildren; one of which lives out of town.
Layer on sauce, ham, and cheese

Leftovers can be stored in a box in the bedroom. :)

We're so happy that Katie and Caleb came and brought Uncle Kevin and Aunt Pam. Everybody had a ton of fun. Katie and Kaylee also helped to make waffles on Saturday morning.

Jen and I also had some goals for the weekend; Kaylee is, nicely put, a copy cat. She wants to do whatever everybody else is doing. So, since Katie is potty trained and sleeps in a "big girl bed", we did some setup. We had a kid seat for the main potty as well as a kid potty. We also bought a matress for Kaylee's "big girl bed" (there was a post on that about a year ago--it's been in storage since). We cleaned up Kaylee's room (seriously--it was clean before three toddlers hit it in the picture above) and we were able to get the toddler bed into the room. Not only did Katie and Kaylee have a sleepover, but Kaylee got *really* jealous that Katie was the one who got to sleep in the big girl bed.

We're not any closer to being potty trained, but (after a little work) Kaylee is right now taking a nap in her big girl bed. :)

Here's a couple more pics from the weekend, including some Wii action. I never knew Pam and Kevin had so much pent up violent frustration...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, Hippy Style

Here's our hippies.

Kaylee is obviously concerned about something hippy-ish, like the rainforests, world peace...or maybe there's just something in her diaper.

Right now she's trying to comprehend the concept of Halloween. "So, I go to people's doors, and they give me candy--and I'm supposed to take it. Isn't this what you warn me to NEVER do the rest of the year?"

Nana never did like hippies, and so she puts Kaylee to work right away.

This year was Kaylee's first year Trick-or-Treating. We had a couple of false starts; we'd get outside, and she'd start to cry. The neighbors got most of their extended families together and went around our neighborhood, and when Kaylee saw them congregating, she got more interested. So I talked her into taking a walk down the street with me.

We walked by our other neighbor's house, and Kaylee just wanted to keep walking down the street. About 2 houses later, I convinced her that it was OK for us to walk up to someone's door. Kaylee didn't make it all the way up, but the nice lady came outside and gave her some candy. We did that once or twice more, and then, by the end of the street, she was pulling me along door to door. We stopped at the neighbor that she snubbed on the way back.

We also got this picture on Halloween, but it's not really related. Kaylee's been wanting to dress herself lately. Friday morning I got her up, and her pajama pants were on inside out. Now, I know that I put them on properly the night before, so this means that she has successfully gotten the pants back on all the way. But during her nap on Friday she got her pants off and left it at that. She was worn out from a day of activism. :)

OK, one more political post

I decided to put up a yard sign--first time ever.

(For those of you scratching your heads, it's a Simpson's reference from their "Treehouse of Horror" episode in 1996, just before the Clinton/Dole Presidential election)