Friday, March 28, 2008

It's getting crazy now...

Little Miss Independence has made a couple of big steps this week. She's got a training potty now. We've noticed lately that she is telling us when she needs her diaper changed, which is supposed to be one of the big signs that it's just about time to start training. We've got a tiny little bathroom on the first floor, but we managed to squeeze the little plastic toilet in there. Last night as part of our bedtime ritual (more on that in a second) I stripped her down and she sat right down on the toilet. Didn't do anything, but she's beginning to understand what it's for.

We've started back with our bedtime ritual, which now includes teeth brushing and hand washing. The first night I did it (Monday, I think), I grabbed a step stool out of the kitchen and put it in the bathroom for her to stand on. She still needs a little more of a boost to wash her hands, but she gets them wet, waits for soap, and then rubs them together. She is doing a lot better with her teeth than before; we stopped about a month or more ago because she just wanted to suck on the toothbrush, and she'd scream if we tried to guide it. Now she's doing a little brushing, and doesn't seem to mind some help.

The part that surprised us most, though, goes back to that stool. Tuesday or Wendesday night (I can't remember), I told her it was time to brush her teeth, and she seemed very upset that we were forcing her towards the bathroom. Turns out she wanted to go get the stool out of the kitchen. She now carries that from the kitchen every night, and carries it back when we're done.

Bedtime this week has been going really well, too. We're keeping her up until 7:30 now, and I think that, combined with the wind down routine of washing up and brushing, leaves her really calm at bedtime. She insists on taking a book to bed, though--she is her mother's daughter, after all.

We've got a "big girl bed" for her, but after the first night of trying that, I set the crib back up. I think it might be something worth trying again soon, though.

Edit: Almost forgot, she also fed herself about a half of a bowl (one of her little bowls) of chili last night. She's doing pretty well with scooping--still doesn't grasp the idea of stabbing, though.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yup, it's Dad again

I'm not going to make any more promises about what I hope to post--you get what you get, and, darn it, it's Kaylee and you should be happy with it! :)

Anyway, Jen has been really sick the past few weeks (one or more of the flu varieties going around). Kaylee and I both had a little bit of it, but we both got over it pretty quickly.

Below is one of the reasons that we just don't have time to post anymore (she's climbing now, folks...). I've got just a diabetic coma-inducingly cute photo, too.

And for those of you struggling with children that don't stay still, especially during diaper changes, try out the baby straight jacket! I'm sure the people that make it would hate that term for it; they prefer "Hug and Hold". But it does work: