Monday, August 24, 2009

A Pre-3 year old Post

For those of you that aren't following us on Facebook, just an update for how Kaylee is doing:

She's sleeping in a toddler bed now. After spending a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's house sleeping in (well, on) a sleeping bag with Katie and Bubbie, the transition was pretty simple. It's a good thing, too--Jen hurt her back, and probably wouldn't be able to get Kaylee out of the crib right now.

Bedtime is still a chore, but I've been very surprised that, no matter how resistant Kaylee is to going to bed, she whines and cries *while staying in bed*. My biggest fear was that she'd just get out of bed to defy us, but that hasn't happened.

We're *so* close on potty training. Kaylee is wearing underwear most of the time at home now, including during naps. It's almost time to start sending her to daycare in underwear, which should really help--I'm firmly of the opinion now that Pullups are nothing more than diapers that make parents feel like they're doing something.

Kaylee still won't poop on the potty, but we're working on it. Instead of telling us that she has to go, she tells us "I need a diaper!". We go sit on the potty, and if she pees she doesn't seem to want a diaper any more. She still wants to poop in one, though.

She still loves going for walks, going to the store, and wants to eat nothing but chicken nuggets, so nothing much has changed there. She loves to help around the house--I've just got to start finding ways that her helping can really help, instead of resulting in more work for us. But you've gotta nuture the attitude first.

Here's some pictures from the recent past; if you haven't been following Jen's progress, she's lost a LOT of weight this year (I won't say how much, because you never discuss specifics with your wife's weight), so the pictures of her below aren't doctored--she's really that skinny now.

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Beth Hurford said...

Tell the Jennerator to update her blog. Can't wait to see you guys and the big girl!